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Controlled Ecosystems: Operation Clean Lakes Controlled Ecosystems: Operation Clean Lakes  





Fundraising for Operation Clean Lakes

To the ecologically conscious:

Now is your opportunity to do something. Forget reaction; there is only action!

Following 45 years of research and preparation, I am seeking all to take part in the development of an ecological reclamation process.

Controlled Ecosystems (CE) is the only organization with a proposed design to reclaim our earth's water. I have prepared a pilot project to completely reclaim and purify California's Lodi Lake as soon as possible. Lodi Lake was a childhood playground for me, now polluted beyond use.

I was born in 1946 in Stockton, California. I grew up on the perimeter of Lodi Lake. Returning from active duty in 1966, I saw the water had become terribly polluted while I was away. Soon after, I decided to act.

In 1967, I embarked on a passionate educational pursuit in the field of Oceanography. I founded Controlled Ocean Product Ecosystems (COPE) to begin my research on inventions of filtration and mariculture systems. COPE is now a subsidiary of CE.

Like so many other lakes in the world, Lodi Lake has reached a polluted state that is alarming and threatening to the environment.

My proposed waterway restoration will restore a level of water quality that we all long to enjoy, here and around the world. Long-term industrial and societal pollution poses formidable ecological problems, especially in Asia and Eastern Europe; investors and supporters of this demonstration and subsequent endeavors will be praised for their foresightedness in environment restoration.

Time is of the essence; it is a lack of funds that has caused a halt to Operation Clean Lakes. Only mankind can rectify what mankind has desecrated. Now is the time that we "reverse the tide."

Join me in my efforts to restore California's Lodi Lake and other fresh and saltwater systems by supporting Uh-Oh! The Movie. It's a kick, it's a splash...who knew making a difference could be such fun!

In admiration,
Jonathan L. Cope